The Joy of Flossing – An Ultimate Guide for Proper Flossing

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The Joy of Flossing

My reasons for writing The Joy of Flossing.

Ben Young“As a periodontist and dentist of more than 27 years, I have seen first hand the impact of great as well as no-so-great, flossing techniques. That’s why I authored “The Joy of Flossing.” I wrote it so that dentists, their hygienists and their patients could understand the benefits of flossing. It’s my hope that this book will educate dental patients on the need for routinely flossing teeth. The book’s review and feedback has helped a lot of dentist and their patients. It’s my hope that if you own a practice that you make an order to give to your patients so that your time is not spent on telling patients “to floss your teeth.” Instead, it’s spent on routine dental care and creating healthier patients. From time to time, I travel the U.S., and I welcome the opportunity to speak to professional dental and their support staffs at state trade shows or community meetings. So, please contact me on a possible speaking opportunity as well as how my book can help your practice.”

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